How Much Does a Bankruptcy Cost?



It’s one of the first questions that a prospective client will ask about bankruptcy, and it’s a logical one:

“How much do you charge for a bankruptcy?”

My law partner, Ken Steidl, has the best way to address this question. Ken says, “That is like going into a car dealership and asking how much they charge for a car. What kind of car? New? Used? SUV? Sedan? Convertible? Truck? Do you want one that is stripped or one with a lot of options? Bankruptcy is much the same way.”

Most of our clients will be looking at either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, but even these vary tremendously based on income, expenses, the amount of debt, the complexity of the case, and a host of other factors. Just last week I charged people these varying amounts for a Chapter 7 case, all prices not including the Bankruptcy Court costs: $600, $850, $950, $1,100, $1,250, $1,500, and $1,800.

Why such a variance? It’s because all of their circumstances were different.

You Get What You Pay For

So, what about those attorneys who quote cheaper prices on the phone or on their website? We have gotten the complaints from clients who came back to us that the  cheaper prices somehow crept up when the clients went in and sat down and went over their particular circumstances with the other attorney. Once we quote you a price, the only way yours is going to change is if your circumstances change dramatically before you are able to proceed with the bankruptcy, or if you had forgotten to tell us important information that will make a major difference in the way your case must proceed.

We will show you various ways to do your required credit counseling, some which cost as little as $10.00 per session.

We offer a free consultation so you can come in, discuss your case with us, and be under no obligation to use our services. You can then go elsewhere if you wish and compare other attorneys with those at Steidl and Steinberg. From our experience, we are confident that you will still choose our office when it is time to move.

For those who do not, we often hear from them in the middle of their case that they wish they would have come to us or stayed with us, but it is normally too late for us to get involved by then.

Don’t hesitate to ask the question that’s on your mind, “How much does it cost to file bankruptcy?” We are honest and open and will discuss ways that you may not have thought of to be able to get those fees and costs together. As our clients have discovered, our fees are not higher because of our experience; they are lower because of our experience.

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  1. Does the bankruptcy fee have to be paid in full before proceeding with my case? I’m not sure how you would charge but I would have a hard time paying upfront.What are the options? Thank you

    • Hi Linda,

      Everyone’s situation is different in terms of the bankruptcy case. We do work with clients on payment plans to make the process more affordable. Please call our office at 412-391-8000 and ask to speak with an attorney and they will help you with all of your questions. We do offer a free consultation.

      Thank you for contacting Steidl & Steinberg

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