Don’t Be Afraid to See us for Financial Help

I looked at my schedule today and a number of prospective clients were scheduled to come in, similar to most of my days. Most of them will show up. However, sometimes one or two may not, and they may not tell us that they aren’t coming in. This gives me time to think about why they may not show up, and to write blog articles like this one. Why wouldn’t someone come in to see us? The consultation is free, after all. We are here to help you with your financial situation.

I certainly understand the fear of attorneys. We have the reputation of being intimidating. Fancy outfits. Egotistical. Mean. Some  people think we are going to yell at them, or look down at what they have done to get into financial trouble.

When it comes to Steidl and Steinberg, nothing can be further from the truth. Recently a client couldn’t thank me enough for how she was treated from the first time she called our office. She said my law partner made her feel comfortable immediately and made scheduling and having the consultation much easier. After meeting with me, she commented again how comfortable she felt and how quickly we responded to her call.  That was not the case with some other firms she had called.

And that is why she chose Steidl & Steinberg to handle her case. She liked that we took the time to talk with her, not at her. And we listened.

We understand it is difficult to talk about your financial situation. This is your financial life we are talking about. But we are here to help you and make the process more simple and less stressful.

Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and you’ll find that we are not the least bit intimidating. You might even like us and what we have to say.

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