We Often Charge Less Because You Know Who We Are



Name your favorite business. Wal-Mart? Costco? Ford? Chevrolet? Toyota? Amazon?

Can you think of something they have in common?

How about this? You know who they are.

Since you are reading this article, you may very well know who we are. Steidl and Steinberg represents a lot of people who have trouble paying bills, or have tax issues, and we are very good at our jobs. Look at our 32-year history and you can see we have successfully taken care of the problems of tens of thousands of people.

That is why it is ironic when a few other competitors criticize us for our success, or invent stories that our fees must be higher because we are so successful. Does Walmart charge higher prices because they are famous? Will you pay more on Amazon because you know who they are? Does your Ford or Chevy or Toyota cost more than a Tesla because they are more famous?

Of course not.

Experience Keeps Steidl and Steinberg Affordable

They are all able to keep costs reasonable or even lower because they are so successful. It is like that with Steidl and Steinberg. We can keep our costs reasonable, and often lower than the competitive attorneys, because of our experience. We know what to do, we know how to do it, we know when to do it, and we have a staff that is skilled in getting it done.

When you see the attorneys who attack successful attorneys like we are, go talk with them. But come see us as well. Compare how they approach your problems, what fees they charge, and  your comfort level. Then come and talk with us, either in our home office, or one of our locations close to you. Compare us.

There is a reason why we are successful. Come to us and you will find out why.

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