Bankruptcy is a new beginning.

To get your fresh start, you’ll need a plan—and to make a plan, you need the facts. So we made you an ebook!

Our clients are hard workers, responsible parents, and well-intentioned people. They care about their families. Their futures are important to them, they’ve done their best–and still, they’ve found themselves in a bad financial situation.

When you’re in this boat, it’s instinct to stick to what you know and what you’ve heard, even though what you’ve heard might not be true. We’re here to swipe the misconceptions, myths, and misinformation out of the way to give you the facts about bankruptcy: a serious debt relief option that, for many reasons, you might not have thought to seriously consider.

In our ebook, “Bankruptcy Myths, Debunked!” you’ll learn:

  • Choosing bankruptcy doesn’t mean you will lose everything you’ve worked hard for. Almost all of our clients’ property is fully protected and doesn’t impact their bankruptcies at all.
  • Bankruptcy is an option for you even if you’re making good money and paying your bills on time. Each financial situation is different, and so is each case.
  • If you think you don’t know anyone who has experienced financial trouble like yours, it’s likely you simply don’t know about it. Most counties in Western Pennsylvania do not publish filings in any general circulation, and those who file are able to live perfectly normal lives.
  • Filing bankruptcy does not make you a failure–it’s a sign you’re willing to take the first step to financial recovery. So let’s start with the facts! Download our ebook today: