Erie, PA Bankruptcy Attorney. Is Filing the Right Answer?

Recently, Erie has seen thousands of job cuts. Erie’s largest employer, GE, cut nearly a third of its workforce, leaving 1500 residents jobless. In the following weeks, Lord Corporation, Eriez, Zurn and FMC Technologies all announced additional layoffs.

If your income has taken a hit due to a layoff and you’re accumulating too much debt, filing for bankruptcy may be the right option for you.

Bankruptcy can be a helpful solution when you’re unemployed, as it allows you to discharge all of your debts and keep your future income safe for yourself and your family.

We understand that losing your job isn’t always in your control. However, while facing a layoff is never easy, preparing financially can help smooth your transition to another job, as well as set you up for financial security in the future. If you’re wondering what your options for dealing with your debt are, give our Erie, PA bankruptcy attorneys office a call. We offer a free consultation to review your individual situation and evaluate if bankruptcy is the best option for you to consider. Call toll-free at 800-360-9392 to see how we can help you today.