Divorce and Debt? Time to Call Us

divorce and debt

Life can be incredibly hard. And cruel. It can throw things at you faster than your ability to fend them off. Like having to deal with difficult finances and a failing marriage at the same time. Both consume you, day and night, while you are walking down the street, eating lunch, in between phone calls, sitting at your desk, or trying to get to sleep at night. Either one of these problems is enough to ruin your day, week, month, or year. Together, they can seem insurmountable.

How Can Steidl and Steinberg Help? 

We are not divorce attorneys or marriage counselors, but we can talk to you about your debt situation and, in many cases, what would be the impact on your situation if you separate or get a divorce.

When is the best time to contact us and seek an appointment? If you are thinking about these things, then the time is now. Really. Occasionally, people in your situation do get a hold of us, but do so after they have taken an action that might leave them worse off than if they would have met with us before they took that action.

No problem here, you say. My spouse and I have already agreed on the terms for how we are splitting the assets and the debts. And the divorce action has already been filed with the Court, and we have already signed our agreements. Good for you to have worked this out, but just because you and your spouse have worked this out doesn’t mean that you can waltz right into Bankruptcy Court and expect that the Court is going to agree with what you did. In limited, but significant cases, they can take what you did with your assets and debts and turn the agreement on its ear. That is, if agreements have ears.

Just because you and your spouse have agreed on how to divide the bills doesn’t mean that your creditors, those to whom you owe money, have agreed or will agree. In fact, they don’t particularly care what you have agreed to. They will continue to hold responsible for the bills the person who is named on the debt in their records.

So, if you’re thinking about your bills and maybe a separation or divorce, this would be a good time to contact Steidl & Steinberg by email or phone.

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