Allegheny Assessment Appeal Season is Back


For Allegheny County, the assessment figures are coming up on five years.

In Washington County, they are only a few months old. For other Western Pennsylvania counties, assessment values can be three decades old.

In both cases, you don’t have to settle for the status quo. If you think your property taxes are too high, it’s time to consider doing something about it.

The property assessment season is now open in Allegheny County. Property owners can file an appeal between now and March 31, 2017. While the assessment process may have taken place five years ago, we are finding there are still plenty of properties that are solid appeal cases.

Free Assessment Evaluation

Perhaps Allegheny County made a mistake with your assessment back in 2012 and you didn’t do anything about it, or you filed an appeal on your own, lost the case, and gave up. Perhaps you recently purchased the property and found out it is assessed higher than what you paid for it. Perhaps you recently purchased the property and the school district, municipality, or county have filed an appeal to raise your property taxes.

Don’t try to fight the taxing bodies on your own. All you need to do is give us a call and provide some basic descriptions of your property. We will do a free analysis of your case to determine an estimated appraised value of your property and tell you if your case is worth filing based on the estimated tax savings. We don’t want you to spend your money unless we can help you.

The Washington County assessment appeal process will begin July 1, 2017 and continue through September 1, 2017. The early returns on results of last year’s county-wide evaluation in Washington County are mixed at best, so, if you are skeptical that your property is properly assessed, give us a call to take a look at your situation.

Don’t pay more taxes than you need to. Contact us today.

Limited time only! Pay less property taxes!

Yes, it’s here again: time to save money on your property taxes. But only for a limited time.

If you live in Allegheny County and the county has assessed your house for more than it is actually worth, than you are paying too much in property taxes. For example, I recently spoke to someone whose house is assessed at $100,000 but is only worth $50,000. They are paying real estate taxes, including municipal, school district, and county taxes, of almost $3,000 per year. But what if their house was assessed properly at $50,000 instead? The amount of property taxes they pay would only be about $1,500 per year, a savings of another $1,500, which is much more than the cost would be to appeal your assessment.

And after 10 years? They would have saved $15,000.

I know. You really don’t need $15,000. But let’s suppose for a second that the $15,000 would come in handy. You might be able to use the money to buy a car; to go to spring training; or to fix up your house so that your next assessment may be closer to accurate. And it is not difficult to do, if you have the right people to help you. And we are those people.

We have done countless assessment appeals and will explain how the process works and how you can get started. Our fees are surprisingly affordable, and unlike so many others who do this, we only want your case if we can help. If we don’t think we can help, we will not charge you a dime.

Give us a call at Steidl and Steinberg, but don’t wait too long. The deadline for filing this appeal in Allegheny County for 2016 is March 31st. And if you live in Washington County, keep watching our website for news. The Washington County assessments are in the mail starting March 14, and we may be able to help you too.

Allegheny assessment appeal window open

Let’s face it – for many property owners in Allegheny County, the reassessment project that took place four years ago was treated in a number of ways:

  1. Some took the news seriously, gathered information about the appeal process, and filed appeals with the county. They learned that having an attorney represent their interests gave them the best chance for success.
  2. Some were happy with the reassessment results, are paying their fair share of property taxes, and did not need to file an appeal.
  3. Some figured there was no sense in fighting the system, and accepted the new figures even if they disagreed with them.
  4. Some knew the reassessment took place, but didn’t feel they had the time to pursue any appeal. They keep writing the mortgage and escrow check every month or have it deducted from their bank account and go on with life. They probably have no idea if their property taxes went up or down.
  5. Some figured they missed their chance and it is too late to file an appeal.
  6. Some didn’t even know what took place.

Unless you fall into the first two categories, you can still do something about the assessed value of your property in Allegheny County. Reassessment appeals are not a once-in-every-ten-years process. It is a little-known fact that you can appeal your property assessment every year in Allegheny County between January 1 and March 31.

Washington County property owners will be receiving their new assessments beginning in March and can challenge those results this summer. We will keep you posted on the Washington County appeal process.

The window to appeal in Allegheny County is open right now. That means if you think your property assessment is too high, you should talk with us at Steidl and Steinberg to see if we can help you. Give us a call for a free consultation concerning your property and its assessment. We will help you determine if an appeal is in your best interest. It’s time to be among the people who fight to pay their fair share and not a penny more.


Assessment appeal time running out

“I didn’t know you could still appeal your assessment until I saw your commercial.”

That’s a very common message that I receive from Allegheny County homeowners when they call Steidl and Steinberg to ask about the assessment appeal process. Yes, you can still file an appeal of your property taxes, but time is running out for 2015.

The deadline to file a property assessment appeal in Allegheny County is March 31. It doesn’t matter if you have tried appealing your property taxes in other years and were turned down, or if you have never filed an appeal. The county does not charge a filing fee for a formal appeal hearing.

If you think you are paying too much, you have the right to file an appeal. We can help you.

We will ask you questions about the condition of your house, if you have made any improvements like remodeling the bathroom or kitchen or any other rooms. Have you added living space? Is your basement damp? What is your property like? Is it usable? How are the major items in your home, such as the roof and windows and furnace? Are they new or are they original and needing replaced?

We will ask you if the county has your basic information correct in terms of the number of rooms, if it has a garage or a full basement, and also a bit about your neighborhood. Is the square footage of your living area accurate, or the size of your yard?

Give us a call at 412-391-8000 or e-mail us at and we can talk with you about your property.  We will talk with our residential and commercial appraisers and give you a free evaluation of your case.  You can base your decision on facts, instead of emotion.

Time is running out and the next window for appealing your property taxes doesn’t open until Jan. 1, 2016. Don’t pay too much, if you don’t have to.

Still time to file County assessment appeal

If you have been procrastinating, or didn’t realize you could, you still have time to appeal your Allegheny County property tax assessment for 2014.

The appeal period will expire on Monday, March 31, 2014. All appeals must be either filed with the county assessment office or postmarked by that date to be eligible to considered in this year’s formal appeal hearings.

At Steidl and Steinberg, we will help you to decide if an appeal is worthwhile for your case.  Give us a call, tell us about your property, and we will consult with the experienced residential and commercial appraisers who assist us in this practice area. We will evaluate your case tell you if it is good idea or not to file an appeal.

It’s a no-lose situation with potentially a great deal of tax savings to be gained.

Call our office at 412-391-8000 with your property assessment questions and, remember the deadline for filing your 2014 Allegheny County property assessment formal appeal is Monday, March 31.