Choosing an attorney can be a difficult process. Here, you can read some of the feedback we’ve gotten from our satisfied clients. If you’re a former client of Steidl and Steinberg and you’d like to submit your own testimonial, please email it to us at Your words may help someone else feel comfortable enough to seek the fresh start that they need through bankruptcy. Your name will not be used.

I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU again for your heart felt compassion. I know being a “lawyer” is your “job”, but being compassionate is an added bonus where you are concerned.”
WE HAD WANTED TO THANK YOU for what a terrific job you did for us. Our lives for the last year and a half were nightmares and the reality of having to admit defeat was painful. However your compassion and comfort through it all made everything so much easier. We will highly refer you to anyone who needs to file. You were awesome!! Thank you so much. Congratulations, you have a great future ahead!”
I JUST WANT TO SAY on the 1 year “anniversary” of everything, that I can’t thank you and all the people at Steidl and Steinberg enough for the peace of mind I have had for the past year. I no longer fear the phone ringing or someone coming to the door. I enjoy going out my front door and not fearing someone is watching my house. I also want to thank you for letting me sleep at night without waking to dreadful panic. Most of all, I want to thank all of you for the kind, understanding, and thoughtful way you treated me.”
“PLEASE TELL EVERYONE we said thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us and always returning our calls, for just being there most of all. You are great.”
“I WANTED TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE for everything you have done for me in regards to my bankruptcy. Along the way, you have been very good at communicating all aspects and procedures of the process to me and overall just a joy to work with under the very unfortunate and emotional situation that comes with filing bankruptcy. I’ve been impressed with you since the first time I met you in the office. You continue to help me through this very difficult time in my life and I am very thankful.”
“THANK YOU FOR REPRESENTING ME and giving me a second chance for a debt-free life.”
“ONCE AGAIN, A SHORT NOTE  to express our appreciation in completing our bankruptcy case. All is well.”
“I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER  since I finally stopped putting off what I knew I should do in 2004 when I had my first visit at your firm. Thank you so much for putting me at ease and making me feel comfortable through this journey.”
“I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW how much my wife and I appreciate all you’ve done for us in relieving our financial burdens. We could not have done it without you and I don’t know what we would have done without the bankruptcy laws working for us.”
“JUST A NOTE OF THANKS for the very professional way you and your firm handled my recent bankruptcy. I have always and will continue to recommend your firm. One of my friends is having her hearing next Monday! You made a difficult time as pleasant as it could be.”
“I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW  how much I appreciate all the time and effort that you gave helping me with the bankruptcy.”
“JUST A NOTE TO SAY THANKS for your remembrance of us and your caring attention to my phone call and the answers to my questions.”
“I JUST WANTED TO SAY thanks for making the bankruptcy process so easy, answering all of my questions, and explaining the meeting to me so I stayed calm. I appreciate all of your help.”
WE WISH TO THANK YOU for everything that you’ve done for us.”
HATS OFF TO YOU for working so well while offering needed help while maintaining dignity and humanity. May I never need your services in the future. However, I will strongly recommend Steidl and Steinberg to all who might benefit.”
“WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK you for all of your help, advice, and support. Like so many people in this world, declaring bankruptcy was the last thing we thought we would ever have to do. We resisted for a long time before we made the decision to go through with it and struggled so hard along the way. With your guidance, the process was much easier than we thought. Now, we have a chance to start over to build a better financial life. God bless you and thank you again for your assistance.”

“YOU HAVE BEEN A WEALTH OF INFORMATION and I can’t thank you enough!!  There are so many things that need done to our house that we don’t have the money to do.  We could use new windows and insulation, gutters, a new bathroom, landscaping.  Or we could move to a nicer neighborhood.  On the flip side, it would be nice to pay these bills and have the phone stop ringing! So much to think about. . .”

“THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. My circumstances were dire and seemed hopeless when I first decided to contact you. I was wrapped up in debt, worry, shame and confusion. From the first meeting on, my bankruptcy was handled with compassion, diligence and professionalism. Thank you for the patience, understanding, dedication and kindness shown throughout the Chapter 7 process.”

“I HAVE SEEN YOUR AD ON TV for many years. I encountered a back taxes situation with the IRS claiming I owed them $160,000. I contacted Steidl and Steinberg and met in person with Nathan Chase. He thoroughly reviewed my situation and then followed up with realistic options. Unlike the folks on TV he did not promise unrealistic options. He was able to save me over $80,000 on my tax bill with more savings occurring in the future. I am glad I kept it local. Nathan follows up me as needed, and if we need to meet we can do so in person!”

“I AM JUST WRITING TO SAY thank you for your assistance in my bankruptcy case. It was a difficult decision to come to but you made the process extremely easy and less stressful.”

“THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KIND TO ME when I called you with all kind of questions. would you please thank Mr. Steinberg for giving me a new life. I am out of trouble now and I am going to stay out of trouble.”

“WE JUST WANT TO EXTEND our thanks and appreciation for all that you did for us! You are very good at what you do, and you made us feel comfortable. We are glad it is behind us, now we can breathe somewhat and continue to improve on what we have learned. Please extend our thanks to you staff, they also do a great job!