Why Steidl and Steinberg?

You have some difficult financial decisions to make, and you aren’t sure where to turn. There are so many options out there, ranging from bankruptcy to debt consolidation to struggling to continue to make payments to just ignoring the situation and doing nothing.  It is overwhelming.

With all of the choices available,  it only seems logical to ask, why choose Steidl and Steinberg as your Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyers?


How about experience?

The attorneys at Steidl & Steinberg have over 100 years of combined experience and have filed over 40,000 bankruptcy cases. If it has happened in the world of bankruptcy, Steidl and Steinberg has not only seen it but has been out in front of it. They have been there and done that, and thousands of clients have trusted Steidl and Steinberg with their financial problems.

How about convenience?

Our main office is located in the Gulf Tower at 707 Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh. If you can’t make it there, we have locations in Beaver, Belle Vernon, Butler/Cranberry, Carnegie, Erie, Greensburg, Hermitage, Meadville, Monroeville, New Kensington, Uniontown, and Washington.

How about affordability?

Steidl and Steinberg offers a free, in-person consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys in one of our conveniently located offices. We will tell you what to bring with you and examine your financial situation and explain your options. Our fees are very competitive, often less than other attorney fees our clients have obtained. We also give you tips on how to save money for bankruptcy-related services such as free credit reports, least expensive credit counseling agencies, and getting a free market analysis.

How about being made to feel your case is important?

From the time you make your first phone call, contact us through social media, or send an email to Steidl and Steinberg, to the meeting with your attorney, to the preparation of your case with one of our paralegals, through any court procedures, and finally to the conclusion of your case, you are very important to us. We are here to help you and to work with you.

How about being regular people?

Take a good look at our website. Sure, we have funny commercials, but we are very serious about what we do and how we do our job as your attorneys. We all live and shop in the area where we work. The nicest compliments we receive are from clients who tell us, at the conclusion of their case, “Thank you for making me feel relaxed and for treating me with kindness and respect and for making me feel so comfortable.” In the end, if you feel you have peace of mind and are confident and optimistic about your fresh financial start, then we have our done our job.