The Avalanche Of Medical Bills

Homer and Marge were senior citizens in their late seventies. They had a variety of health related problems, including severe eyesight issues. Little did they know, they would find financial help through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Medical Costs

Before the bankruptcy, although they were on Medicare, routine doctor visits were not completely covered and prescriptions were not fully paid. They had run up over $15,000 in charges for routine medical visits and care, payable to different doctors, hospitals, drug stores, pharmacists and other medical personnel. They were on a fixed income and were unable to pay these expenses.

Meanwhile, they also had their normal costs: food, utilities, real estate taxes, clothing, insurance and gasoline, car maintenance, etc. In addition, they started putting their household expenses on credit cards when they could not pay the bills.

Homer and Marge were also receiving incessant calls from creditors. This was extremely unsettling, to say the least. They also started to receive letters from attorneys threatening lawsuits against them. They were in danger of losing all they had to Sheriff’s sales.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When they decided to file for relief under Chapter 7 with Steidl and Steinberg, they were able to protect their house and all of their assets. They felt comfortable talking with the attorneys at Steidl and Steinberg who had the experience, patience, and compassion to help.

The Chapter 7 petition allowed Homer and Marge to eliminate all their medical bills, relieve themselves of the crippling and tension they faced from their creditors, and keep their house and all of their assets.

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