Steidl & Steinberg’s Free Consultation Really IS Free!

By Kenny Steinberg

Lots of attorneys use the inviting words, “Free Consultation”, but what does this really mean? At Steidl and Steinberg, it almost always includes an in-person, sit-down session with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys, either Ken Steidl, Kenny Steinberg, Julie Steidl, Chris Frye, or Lauren Lamb. For Social Security Disability or property assessment questions, ask for Attorney Lamb. For Wills and Estates cases, ask for Attorney Mike Henny. Tax services are addressed by Attorney Brian Dodson and Attorney Nathan Chase. Why accept just a phone-only free consultation when you can spend real time with one of us, and it still doesn’t cost you anything?


We want to speak with you when you make your initial call so we can get to know each other, if only just a bit. We will ask for some general background about your situation so we can make certain that an in-person consultation with us would be helpful and also let you know what information you need to bring with you to help the in-person meeting go smoothly.


In this busy world, we want to make sure your visit will serve you well. We want to be able to provide the kind of information you need so you can make the best decision about your future. We are concerned about you and want to make things better for you. Let us help!