Choosing an attorney and filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult process. Here, you can read some of the feedback we’ve gotten from our satisfied clients. If you’re a former client of Steidl and Steinberg and you’d like to submit your own testimonial, click here. Your words may help someone else feel comfortable enough to seek the fresh start that they need to get through bankruptcy. Your name will not be used. Read on for these honest testimonials.


  • "I WAS DEVASTATED when my husband was laid off  as my debt was beyond me. When I consulted Steidl & Steinberg's Attorney Lauren Lamb, she was awesome.  I am now debt free and I can continue going to college. I give them a five star rating.  Annie the paralegal and Attorney Lauren Lamb showed great dedication to me as their client. I am very grateful for her."
  • "I SAW JULIE AND SHE LISTENED and did not judge me. She answered questions via email after giving me a list of things I had to do. It was the most stressful thing I had gone through in a while. She even said to call in a year and she would tell me how to rebuild my credit. I thought the hearing would be worse but after meeting Ken Steidl, I instantly felt reassured. Glad I did this."
  • "ABSOLUTELY THE BEST attorney I have ever dealt with. Kenny Steinberg, thank you very much for being the professional that you are."
  • "FROM BEGINNING TO END the office of Steidl & Steinberg has been nothing short of perfect. It absolutely shocked me that the first call I received after filling out the online Contact Us field, was from Ken Steidl. His words assured my wife and I that there was an opportunity to get back to a "normal life" free of debt collectors. From there, Lauren Lamb was phenomenal in handling our case, answering every question we could possibly ask. From beginning to end, the office of Steidl & Steinberg was nothing short of perfect. FIVE STARS."
  • "WE WANT TO THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all the help you provided us in our time of financial problems! You and your staff in Pittsburgh were so great to work with! If we ever hear of someone who needs your help we will highly recommend your firm! Thank you again."
  • "WHEN MY HUSBAND AND I decided to choose bankruptcy, it was a very difficult, scary and none the less embarrassing decision. Then we met Kenny and his wonderful team, we were met with nothing but understanding and compassion. Kenny walked us through the process in a very honest manner and reassured us along the way. He and his team made the process very easy and relatively stress free. We would recommend them to anyone needing these services."
  • "I AM SO GLAD I hooked up with Steidl & Steinberg to handle my bankruptcy case. Abby Steidl, my lawyer, made me feel comfortable and confident that she had it under control and the outcome would be 100% in my favor, which it was. I would definitely use them again and recommend them. Abby and her team of lawyers are experts in their field of practice."
  • "I WAS REPRESENTED BY KENNY STEINBERG. He was a great guy to work with and made me feel very comfortable at my free consultation and did a great job representing me. When I had a question six months later he was very prompt at getting back to me. I would recommend Steidl and Steinberg to anyone looking to clear away debt."
  • "HE HAS COMPASSION. That would be the first thought that comes to mind when I think about Ken Steidl and the work he has done for me in my bankruptcy filing.  Add a quirky sense of humor and a thorough knowledge of bankruptcy law (he knew more than the court people who were working on the case), and there you have it. My bankruptcy filing was very smooth, and thanks to Ken and his paralegals went without a hitch. I don't need to tell anyone that filing for bankruptcy can be stressful. It need not be. Call these gentlemen. You won't be sorry."
  • "WE ALL MAKE UNWISE DECISIONS IN LIFE. Things spiral out of control and we get over our head in debt trying to make ends meet. Sometimes you have to give in and seek help and I am so glad I did. The Law Office of Steidl & Steinberg was the best thing that happened to me when I needed them the most. They were the listening ear. They didn't judge. They assisted me in getting my life back on track and, yes, I did need to make a major financial decision. I am debt free and new start has begun. I have started building myself back up,  knowing how to make better choices. They are the best at what they do. You can hold your head up high and know they are there for you, step by step,  all the way. I cannot thank them enough."
  • "WE JUST HAD SOME QUESTIONS about which direction to take and Kenny was willing to sit down with us free of charge. He is fantastic and I highly recommend making an appointment, even if you just have a few questions!"
  • "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I can't thank Steidl & Steinberg enough for all of their help during my bankruptcy. I had many preconceptions about bankruptcy and most were not good. I was in a very bad place financially following a divorce. I visited Kenny Steinberg to ask questions about bankruptcy. He was honest, helpful, and actually put a smile on my face for the first time in months as he can be quite animated. I decided on filing for bankruptcy for my life situation because working two jobs and missing being a mother was not working for me any longer. I was helped throughout the process by Kenny and his staff and I never felt stressed, which is amazing because I thought bankruptcy and stress were synonymous.  I think Kenny believes in what he does, I believe he helps people become more financially stable and not just with money, he actually cares about the life I live. Thank you for giving me the help I needed to relieve the huge burden I was left with after my divorce. Thank you, Kenny, for being a caring person and to your professional staff for making this process easy. It was the right choice for me and my life."
  • "STEIDL & STEINBERG and their Paralegals are the best in the business! Kenny Steinberg helped us through the most troubling time in our lives and helped us get a fresh start, without him I don't know where we would be now.  Thank You so much Kenny. I would recommend you and your firm to anyone that is need of your services!"
  • "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND HELP, it was greatly appreciated. Your attorney's and  paralegals were so nice, friendly, snd very helpful and make you feel relaxed. Would recommend your services to others."
  • "FEELING AS THOUGH I AM BURIED IN A NIGHTMARE SITUATION I consulted with Kenny Steinberg at the Erie office. He is a warm and caring man, the nicest guy ever, who made me comfortable right away and explained my options fully and concisely. He truly cares about his clients, and I could tell that right off the bat. He didn't use a bunch of legalese, just gave me solid, down-to-earth advice. It is a great relief to me to know there is light at the end of the tunnel I've been suffocating in for years. I'd recommend Mr. Steinberg to anyone with debt problems. His services are affordable and he's sincere in wanting to help you."
  • "THANK YOU for the opportunity to meet with you, Attorney Kenny Steinberg. Your advice to me was helpful. We are going to be ok! God Bless you during this Holiday Season and always."
  • "WOW! THEY MADE IT SO SMOOTH. Thank you Ken Steidl for making my life a lot easier. I would recommend you to everyone."
  • "I REALLY ENJOYED MEETING WITH KEN STEIDL. He gave me great relief and I knew immediately I could trust him. He is understanding and not at all judgmental.  You never think you will be in this situation at this point in life, but attempting to live normally and keep up with friends becomes impossible.  I feel very foolish, but I am confident Ken can help me, which I greatly appreciate."
  • "MR. KEN STEIDL, ABBY STEIDL AND THEIR TEAM were a life saver for us. We became overburdened by debt because of jobs being eliminated and we were both laid off at same time. We just didn't know what to do. Then my husband went to talk to Mr. Steidl, and he made us feel a lot better after talking to him. He didn't make us feel uncomfortable or awkward. When we went to our hearing his daughter Abby knew we were nervous wrecks and kept reassuring us everything would be alright. I can't thank them enough for realizing people are human with feelings and sometimes fall on hard times. They were very professional and prompt and kept us updated on everything going on and if we had any questions we just called and they got right back to us with answers. I can not express it enough, if you are drowning in debt due to unforeseen problems please go see them. It only takes a few minutes of your time to help you figure out your situation and decide what is the best road to take."
  • "ABBY STEIDL was wonderful! Very helpful , professional and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Steidl & Steinberg. Abby and her staff made the process for my bankruptcy painless while making you feel as if they cared. They are truly great people, and a great law firm!"
  • "I WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE Lauren Lamb for all of the help she has given me this past year. She is very professional and knowledgeable along with having a kind and empathetic heart. She keeps her clients well informed and communicates very timely. I have been very fortunate to have been able to have her represent me as my attorney. I am sure that Steidl and Steinberg are extremely happy to have her as part of their team."
  • "I WANT TO THANK Julie Steidl for helping me through this whole bankruptcy thing. She is one of the nicest people that I have met. She was always there when you needed her. They are one of the best law firms in Pittsburgh. Thank you Julie for being there for me to talk to. If anyone needs to do a bankruptcy call Steidl and Steinberg. Julie Steidl you are the best."
  • "ABBY STEIDL, I WANT TO TELL YOU how grateful we are to you and Ken Steidl for all that you have done for us. Although it was very nerve-wracking,  you made it feel less stressful. God bless you and your firm."
  • "I WANT TO recommend Steidl and Steinberg for your debt relief. Kenny Steinberg gave me sound advice and was patient with all my questions. If you need help contact them"
  • "JUST A NOTE to express all my thanks for what Julie Steidl did to help me with my case. I appreciate all of her kindness."
  • "WE WANTED TO THANK YOU for your help in what was for us a very difficult time. It was such a stressful time but you made it such a relief."
  • "THANK YOU SO MUCH to Ken Steidl, Chris Frye and Todd Thomas and everyone on your staff!"
  • "I CALLED STEIDL & STEINBERG about a tax issue and they were out of the office when I called. Attorney Steinberg (the one with the pony tail) called me back within an hour. He was very nice and very helpful. He helped me resolve my issue promptly. I would absolutely recommend their services."
  • "I CALLED STEIDL & STEINBERG and spoke with Mr Steinberg on the phone regarding a credit card debt issue. We only spoke for a few minutes but he clearly explained my options, clarified the situation and I am clear on what I have to do.  There was no charge! And he is a very nice man - easy to talk to.  If I have any future problems (which I don't plan on having!) I will definitely go to this law firm."
  • "IT WAS A PLEASURE meeting Attorney Chris Frye. He was very caring and helpful. I really appreciated it."
  • "ABBY STEIDL, thankful is the special way I feel because of you. I was so blessed to have you on my side and it was so nice meeting you too. You are a wonderful lady."
  • "NO MATTER what time or day, Kenny Steinberg answered our questions and concerns almost immediately. Kenny and his team made a very difficult time in our lives a whole lot easier and for that we shall be forever grateful."
  • "KENNY STEINBERG, I want to thank you for handling my bankruptcy case. I had met with three other attorneys but not one of them were as considerate and thorough as you were with my consultation. I am so grateful that my husband saw your ad on TV and suggested we talk with you. You have a way of not making people who run into hardships and can't pay their debts not feel ashamed. You are not about the money, you have a real caring way and attitude about your clients. You make yourself available to your clients which means a lot to them when they are dealing with such a difficult time in their lives. You really get the job done. I will refer you to anyone who is in need of an attorney in your field. We could not have hired a better attorney than you.""
  • "GREAT GROUP TO WORK WITH getting through some trying times. My experience with Kenny Steinberg and his team was smooth and easy to follow. Would recommend this group to anyone needing help."
  • "STEIDL & STEINBERG made my bankruptcy go so easy. I would recommend them to anyone who has a problem. From my first meeting with Ken Steidl to the very end, it was easy. Great law firm and kind people."
  • "THANK YOU KEN SO MUCH for all the great work you have done for me. I'll be able to live a little now. Your daughter (attorney Abagale Steidl) did nice work also. I can't thank you enough for my new lease on life."

    for going above and beyond with our situation. During a very difficult time, your expertise and compassion helped to lessen our stress. Even after the bankruptcy was discharged and we encountered additional issues, Kenny was always there for us. He consistently answered all of our concerns promptly. Kenny is down to earth. He is not intimidating and makes you feel comfortable right from the start. Also, Leslie and Nathan were great to work with. They are a great asset to your team. We highly recommend Steidl and Steinberg to anyone going through this difficult situation.

    so much for everything you have done for me and my family we appreciate it. This was a big huge burden lifted off of us.  Thank you once again!
    what a pleasure it was meeting with you. You helped make a very uncomfortable situation a little easier for us and gave us the information we needed to make a decision about this process. Thanks once again for being kind and not judging us. We are not bad people, just a little overextended.
    I haven't had many attorneys but your ability and time of response is impeccable and I would refer you guys to anyone. In fact, I have referred you to two people so far. Thank you so much again.
  • "HAVING TO CLAIM BANKRUPTCY was a very difficult decision that we had to make after trying desperately to keep on top of things, and realized we had no other choice. We were not sure how to proceed or what would even happen but, after the consultation with Kenny Steinberg, we were put so much at ease and able to see an end to the tunnel we were in. And Ken Steidl always answered  any questions promptly that we had and guided us through what would have been a hard time. We can finally breathe without the crushing weight we were feeling. Thank you so much for your knowledge and kindness."
  • "WE WANT TO THANK YOU for going above and beyond with our situation. During a very difficult time, your expertise and compassion helped to lessen our stress. Even after the bankruptcy was discharged and we encountered additional issues, Kenny was always there for us. He consistently answered all of our concerns promptly. Kenny is down to earth. He is not intimidating and makes you feel comfortable right from the start. Also, Leslie and Nathan were great to work with. They are a great asset to your team. We highly recommend Steidl and Steinberg to anyone going through this difficult situation."
  • "I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU again for your heart felt compassion. I know being a “lawyer” is your “job”, but being compassionate is an added bonus where you are concerned."
  • "WE HAD WANTED TO THANK YOU for what a terrific job you did for us. Our lives for the last year and a half were nightmares and the reality of having to admit defeat was painful. However your compassion and comfort through it all made everything so much easier. We will highly refer you to anyone who needs to file. You were awesome!! Thank you so much. Congratulations, you have a great future ahead!"
  • "I JUST WANT TO SAY on the 1 year “anniversary” of everything, that I can’t thank you and all the people at Steidl and Steinberg enough for the peace of mind I have had for the past year. I no longer fear the phone ringing or someone coming to the door. I enjoy going out my front door and not fearing someone is watching my house. I also want to thank you for letting me sleep at night without waking to dreadful panic. Most of all, I want to thank all of you for the kind, understanding, and thoughtful way you treated me."
  • "PLEASE TELL EVERYONE we said thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us and always returning our calls, for just being there most of all. You are great."
  • "I WANTED TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE for everything you have done for me in regards to my bankruptcy. Along the way, you have been very good at communicating all aspects and procedures of the process to me and overall just a joy to work with under the very unfortunate and emotional situation that comes with filing bankruptcy. I’ve been impressed with you since the first time I met you in the office. You continue to help me through this very difficult time in my life and I am very thankful."
  • "ONCE AGAIN, A SHORT NOTE to express our appreciation in completing our bankruptcy case. All is well."
  • "I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER since I finally stopped putting off what I knew I should do in 2004 when I had my first visit at your firm. Thank you so much for putting me at ease and making me feel comfortable through this journey."
  • "I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW how much my wife and I appreciate all you’ve done for us in relieving our financial burdens. We could not have done it without you and I don’t know what we would have done without the bankruptcy laws working for us."
  • "JUST A NOTE OF THANKS for the very professional way you and your firm handled my recent bankruptcy. I have always and will continue to recommend your firm. One of my friends is having her hearing next Monday! You made a difficult time as pleasant as it could be."
  • "JUST A NOTE TO SAY THANKS for your remembrance of us and your caring attention to my phone call and the answers to my questions."
  • "I JUST WANTED TO SAY thanks for making the bankruptcy process so easy, answering all of my questions, and explaining the meeting to me so I stayed calm. I appreciate all of your help."
  • "HATS OFF TO YOU for working so well while offering needed help while maintaining dignity and humanity. May I never need your services in the future. However, I will strongly recommend Steidl and Steinberg to all who might benefit."
  • "WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK you for all of your help, advice, and support. Like so many people in this world, declaring bankruptcy was the last thing we thought we would ever have to do. We resisted for a long time before we made the decision to go through with it and struggled so hard along the way. With your guidance, the process was much easier than we thought. Now, we have a chance to start over to build a better financial life. God bless you and thank you again for your assistance."
  • "YOU HAVE BEEN A WEALTH OF INFORMATION and I can’t thank you enough!!  There are so many things that need done to our house that we don’t have the money to do.  We could use new windows and insulation, gutters, a new bathroom, landscaping.  Or we could move to a nicer neighborhood.  On the flip side, it would be nice to pay these bills and have the phone stop ringing! So much to think about..."
  • "THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. My circumstances were dire and seemed hopeless when I first decided to contact you. I was wrapped up in debt, worry, shame and confusion. From the first meeting on, my bankruptcy was handled with compassion, diligence and professionalism. Thank you for the patience, understanding, dedication and kindness shown throughout the Chapter 7 process."
  • "I HAVE SEEN YOUR AD ON TV for many years. I encountered a back taxes situation with the IRS claiming I owed them $160,000. I contacted Steidl and Steinberg and met in person with Nathan Chase. He thoroughly reviewed my situation and then followed up with realistic options. Unlike the folks on TV he did not promise unrealistic options. He was able to save me over $80,000 on my tax bill with more savings occurring in the future. I am glad I kept it local. Nathan follows up me as needed, and if we need to meet we can do so in person!"
  • "I AM JUST WRITING TO SAY thank you for your assistance in my bankruptcy case. It was a difficult decision to come to but you made the process extremely easy and less stressful."
  • "THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KIND TO ME when I called you with all kind of questions. would you please thank Mr. Steinberg for giving me a new life. I am out of trouble now and I am going to stay out of trouble."
  • "WE JUST WANT TO EXTEND our thanks and appreciation for all that you did for us! You are very good at what you do, and you made us feel comfortable. We are glad it is behind us, now we can breathe somewhat and continue to improve on what we have learned. Please extend our thanks to you staff, they also do a great job!"
  • "WHEN I DECIDED I HAD TO APPLY for bankruptcy I thought ‘Oh my God what have I done?’ But after meeting with Kenny and dealing with the employees of the firm I could not be more happier that I chose them to represent me. Everyone was so nice and took time to answer questions and make you feel comfortable about the bankruptcy. I have and will continue to recommend the firm to anyone who needs the help.  Thank you again!"
  • "THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generous help during my difficult time. You were so very special and the other Kenny was great/ I loved Leslie as she was so very helpful throughout."
  • "THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING so quickly. I actually submitted a request for someone to contact me from another office two weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything, so I definitely appreciate how quickly you got back to me. I think we can go ahead and schedule a consultation."
  • "I CAN’T THANK YOU enough for walking me through everything."
  • "THANKS FOR THE CLARIFICATION. This stuff is so confusing, but working with you has made it so much easier."
  • "MR. STEINBERG, THANK YOU so much for your immediate response. I appreciate that you took the time out of your weekend to answer my request."
  • "I JUST WANT TO THANK you and Tom and your staff for the follow through with the county assessment appeal. It is a big help!"
  • "I WAS HAVING AN ISSUE with a debt collector harassing me day and night. I made a call at 4:50 p.m. The receptionist took my name and number and said an attorney would contact me this evening. At approximately 6:00 p.m. I got a call from Kenny Steinberg himself. At first I was shocked to actually get a call from the guy on the commercial. I told him my situation and he actually told me I had nothing to worry about and that he didn’t want to take my money for something that was not needed. It was amazing that this guy who I am sure is very busy called me back at 6:00 p.m. and spoke with me about this, and the he didn’t want me to spend money talking to an attorney. Thank you Kenny."
  • "SINCE IT IS ALL OVER regarding our bankruptcy I want to tell you how much I appreciated your honesty and straightforwardness.  When we first met with you regarding filing bankruptcy you were clear, concise and spoke to us in a manner which we understood.  It was so clear I often felt there was something hidden that was going to jump out and bite us. We had questions during the five-year period and again, you always returned our calls and answered our questions.  It seemed as if our case was the only case you had on your desk.  I never had to refresh your memory; you knew everything that pertained to us.  Everything was transparent making us more nervous.  As I reflect, I want you to know that I am certain you took great care in explaining the process, the costs, the beginning, middle and end.  You never wavered on one issue.  You made us feel as if you truly cared about us.  You were thorough and honest.  With all the questions I had in between, you answered and never made me feel like a bother. I hold you in the highest regard as a lawyer, a man, and with the way you took care of us, a friend.  Thank you for making the very best out of our bad situation.  Your counsel was priceless and your compassion was heartfelt."
  • "JULIE, WE WANT TO THANK YOU for all you did during the past five years.  It was a stressful time for us and you were always the voice of calm. We know that you and your colleagues went above and beyond in providing excellent service for us."
  • "THANK YOU FOR MEETING WITH US. I am sure you have probably heard this a million times, it is such a huge relief and weight lifted off of our shoulders. It is not a position we chose to be in, however, it is where we are. Thank you again for your help."