Steidl & Steinberg

When we talk with clients, we ask them how they heard of us, and why they chose Steidl and Steinberg. Many said they have seen our television commercials, saw us in the phone book or on a billboard, or found us on the internet or social media. Now, you can learn a bit about our attorneys in this section. We are experts in bankruptcies and when we say, with our experience, why go anywhere else, we mean it.

Ken Steidl and Kenny Steinberg began working together in 1980 when Kenny Steinberg was a partner in a law firm that bore his name. Five years later, Ken and Kenny became law partners and Steidl and Steinberg was born.

Real Estate Tax Assessment and More

Over the years, Steidl and Steinberg has grown. We have expanded our services to include Taxes, and Property Assessment Appeals. We have made it much easier to meet with us, adding offices in the suburban Pittsburgh area, Erie, Meadville and Hermitage.

But in the most important way, nothing has changed at all. Steidl and Steinberg still provides skilled, highly personalized service in a relaxed setting. We are pleased that so many of our clients tell us that they are surprised at how painless their bankruptcy experience was, and how down to earth our attorneys, paralegals and staff members are.

Steidl and Steinberg continues to pledge to provide high quality legal services at reasonable costs. We know you have been under great pressure and want to do everything that we can to relieve you from that stress. Call us; you’ll feel better soon. And, with our experience, why go anywhere else?