We at Steidl & Steinberg would like our current and future clients to know that we have implemented a plan to have most of our staff to work from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. We will still be fully able to advise new clients and guide existing clients through the bankruptcy process. We are dedicated to providing uninterrupted assistance to all those who need our services and we will continue to be able to communicate with our clients by phone, email and mail.

We understand that this is a very difficult time and that many peoples’ finances are being negatively impacted due to the various businesses and workplaces that have been shut down or for which operations have been greatly restricted. We want you to know that we have been here to help for the last 35 years and nothing will change that.

If you haven’t talked to us before, please submit a “Contact Us” request here.

If you are an existing client, please see the list of employee email addresses below to contact the appropriate party:

Ken Steidl, attorney: ken.steidl@steidl-steinberg.com
Kenny Steinberg, attorney: kenny.steinberg@steidl-steinberg.com
Julie Steidl, attorney: julie.steidl@steidl-steinberg.com
Christopher Frye, attorney: chris.frye@steidl-steinberg.com
Lauren Lamb, attorney: llamb@steidl-steinberg.com
Abagale Steidl, attorney: asteidl@steidl-steinberg.com
Todd Thomas, paralegal: todd@steidl-steinberg.com
Ian Friend, paralegal: ifriend@steidl-steinberg.com
Leslie Nebel, paralegal: leslie.nebel@steidl-steinberg.com
Jessica Barlow, paralegal: jbarlow@steidl-steinberg.com
Annie Cordell, paralegal: acordell@steidl-steinberg.com
Rachel Lager, paralegal: rlager@steidl-steinberg.com
Kylee Nicely, paralegal: knicely@steidl-steinberg.com



Is Steidl & Steinberg still open?

Yes! Most of our employees are working from home as a precaution so that we can do our part to stop the spread of the virus.

I need financial help. Can Steidl & Steinberg still help me?

Yes! While most of our attorneys have chosen to suspend in-person meetings for the time being, we are all still available for free phone consultations. Submit a “Contact Us” request to have an attorney call you. Julie will call you at the appointment time.

I have a consultation already scheduled. Will this still occur?

Until further notice, Kenny Steinberg (the one with the ponytail), Chris Frye, Lauren Lamb, Julie Steidl and Abagale Steidl will hold their consultations by phone. Kenny, Chris, Lauren and Abagale will call you at the appointment time. Ken Steidl (the one with the beard) will still be meeting with people in person.

I’ve already had my consultation and want to move forward with filing. Can my case still get filed?

Yes! Cases are filed with the Court electronically, so working from home does not impact our ability to move forward with your case.

Is my Meeting of Creditors still going to occur?

Almost all of the Meetings have been postponed indefinitely. Please wait for a call or letter from the office to advise you specifically about your meeting.

Do I still have to make my Chapter 13 payments?

Yes! Even though many people are experiencing a temporary loss of income, your Chapter 13 payments are not put on hold. The law says that the longest a Chapter 13 repayment can go is 60 months. There is no way to extend beyond 60 months or hold your payments off temporarily. While we do anticipate the Court being more lenient than normal when it comes to missed payments, you still could be at risk of dismissal if you miss payments. If you anticipate having trouble making your payment, please contact your attorney or paralegal.

Are the rumors that I don’t have to make my mortgage payment true?

No. Some mortgage companies have issued statements saying that they are willing to talk to customers to see what help can be provided if the customer is not able to make his/her mortgage payments, but no mortgage company has said that its customers are not required to make payments at this time. If you anticipate not being able to make your mortgage payment and are not in an active bankruptcy with Steidl & Steinberg, please contact your mortgage company. If you are in an active bankruptcy with Steidl & Steinberg, please contact your attorney or paralegal.

Is the Bankruptcy Court still open?

Yes! While most of the Court’s staff is working from home. The Court is still fully operational. Hearings are being held by telephone or video conference. Since the Court is still open, cases can still be filed!


We will update our website any time a new development occurs. Please check back often.

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